Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch 1 — Altadena /...
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Dispatch for the Altadena and Crescenta Valley. It's common for other dispatch channels to be patched to Dispatch 1. Altadena and CV Units will still utilize Dispatch 1. Slow beeps are a busy signal for field units responding to, or contacting Dispatch

This feed will broadcast the Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch for Altadena/Crescenta Valley (official title "Dispatch 1" with alpha tag: CVS-ALTD1) on frequencies 483.9875 and 486.9875. 
**Input frequency for units speaking to dispatch broadcasts on frequency 486.9875. Please note that input frequencies are non-tactical and will only be received when units are in close proximity of feed antenna. 

No Local tactical (L-TAC), Area tactical (A-TAC), or County tactical (C-TAC) channels are broadcast over either of these frequencies.

Feed is broadcast over a Uniden BC125AT with a dedicated battery backup with a 24-foot antenna tower