Yates County Fire/EMS/LE - Western Side
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as received in downtown Rushville, NY. LEFT = Yates Fire/EMS Dispatch RIGHT =Yates LE Dispatch / Yates Fire Tac Channels

This feed is Yates County, NY fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement dispatch as received in Rushville, NY in the North-West corner of Yates County.

Channels 1,8 and 9 are repeated frequencies and county wide traffic can be heard.

Channels 2,3,4,5,6,7 are simplex frequencies. Only transmissions made close to Rushville or in the Middlesex Valley will be audible.

This is a Stereo Feed, the Left channel is Yates Fire/EMS dispatch, the Right channel is fire tac channels and Yates Law Enforcement dispatch. The current setup is a Uniden BC355n and Uniden BCT15x scanner connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B running DarkIce on Raspbian Stretch Lite. Feed established January 2021.

Update July 2021 - The reception and clarity for all channels is much improved. Antenna is now an outdoor roof mounted Diamond D3000N discone antenna with a LMR-400 feedline all into a STRIDSBERG MCA104M active multicoupler. Additionally, a UPS power supply has been added. This should help alleviate feed drops because of the short 30-90 second power outages that are frequent here.

Build your own "feed appliance" with the information here: https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Raspberry_Pi_Broadcastify_Build


  STEREO FEED - LEFT Channel  
1 Yates Fire/EMS Dispatch - Repeated 453.2500
2 Yates Fire/EMS Freq. 2 - Fire Tac 453.5750
3 Yates Fire/EMS Freq. 3 - Fire Tac 460.0750
4 Yates Fire/EMS Freq. 4 - Fire Tac 460.1250
5 Yates Fire/EMS Freq. 5 - Fire Police 465.0750
6 Yates Fire/EMS Freq. 6 - Water Supply 465.1250
7 Yates Fire/EMS Freq. 7 - Fire Tac 453.5000
8 Yates Fire/EMS Coordination - Repeated 460.0375
9 Yates Law Enf. Dispatch - Repeated 155.6100
10 Inter County Interoperability 45.8800