Kendall County Public Safety
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This Feed Is Broadcasting The Kendall County (IL) Police & Fire Channels. King = Kendall County Sheriffs, Ocean = Oswego, Mary = Montgomery, Zebra = Yorkville, Paul= Plano. More Info In The Notes.

KenCom Dispatches The Units Listed Below

  • Kendall County Sherrif's Office (King) (700s, 800s, 900s)
  • Oswego Police Department (Ocean) (100s, 200s300s CSOs)
  • Montgomery Police Department (Mary) (30s, 40s, 70s)
  • Yorkville Police Department (Zebra) (300s, 400s)
  • Plano Police Department (Paul) (500s, 600s)
  • David 995 & 999 = Sherrif Prisoner Transport Unit
  • George = Sherrif Gang / Conspiracy Units
  • Frank = State Conservation Police
  • Charlie = Kendall County Coroner's Office 
  • The Fire Departments Use An Alarm System That Gose Still, Full Still, General, Click On The Blue To Hear The Tones
  • Oswego Fire Protection District (500s)  (OFD All Tones) (Still/Full, General)
  • Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District (100s) (BKFD All Tones) (Still, Full, General)
  • Little Rock Fox Fire Protection District (300s) (LRFFD All Tones) (Still, Full/General)
  • Newark Fire Protection District (600s(NFD All Tones) (Still, Full/General)
  • Lisbon Seward Fire Protection District (200s) (LSFD All Tones) (Still, Full/General)
  • Sandwich Community Fire Protection District (400s) (SFD All Tones) (Still, Full, General)
  • Montgomery & Countryside Fire Protection District (4100s) (MFD All Tones) (Still/Full/General)
  • Aurora Township Fire Protection District (800s) (ATFD All Tones) (Still/Full, General)
  • MABAS Divison 14 Technical Rescue Team (TRT Tone)

Other Channels That Can Be Heard & More Info

  • Oswego Police Local Talk Channel - Non Emergency Dispatch (Will Be Broadcasted For Prarie Fest)
  • Police 2 & 4 Low Power Talk Channels Only Heard When Officers Are Near Antenna 
  • Police 7 Special Events Talk and Backup Dispatch Channel
  • Fire 3 Tactical Channel Used For Major Emergencies (Digital & Encryption Capable Channel)
  • Police 5 Tactical Channel Used For Major Emergencies (Digital Encrypted Channel Not Broadcasted)
  • Kendall County EMA
  • TriCom Fire Dispatch South (Sugar Grove FD & North Aurora FD)
  • KaneComm Fire Dispatch South (Big Rock, Kaneville, Maple Park)
  • Illinois Radio Emergency Assistance Channel (IREACH)
  • Interagency Fire Emergency Radio Network (IFERN)
  • MABAS Firegrounds - Low Power Channels Only Heard When Incident Is Near Antenna

Audio Receved From A BCD325P2 And Distrbuted Through ProScan