Kendall County Public Safety
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This Feed Is Broadcasting The Kendall County (IL) Police & Fire Channels. King = Kendall County Sheriffs, Ocean = Oswego, Mary = Montgomery, Zebra = Yorkville, Paul= Plano. More Info In The Notes.

Welcome to the Kendall County Public Safety Feed.

This feed is provided by Northern Illinois Scanner Incidents. For questions, comments, or concerns with this feed please email or use the contact us form on our website link:

This feed is a member of the Northern Illinois TwoToneDetect Google Group which can be found here:

KenCom Dispatches The Following Agencys

  • Kendall County Sherrif's Office (King) (700s, 800s, 900s)
  • Oswego Police Department (Ocean) (100s, 200s300s CSOs)
  • Montgomery Police Department (Mary) (30s, 40s, 70s)
  • Yorkville Police Department (Zebra) (300s, 400s)
  • Plano Police Department (Paul) (500s, 600s)
  • Aurora Police Have Access to KenCom Police Frequencies For Mutual Aid
  • David 995 & 999 = Prisoner Transport Unit
  • George = Gang / Conspiracy Units
  • Frank = Conservation Police
  • Charlie = Kendall County Coroner's Office 
  • The Departments Use An Alarm System That Gose Still, Full Still, General, Click On The Blue To Hear The Tones
  • Oswego Fire Protection District (500s)  (OFD All Tones) (Still/Full, General)
  • Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District (100s) (BKFD All Tones) (Still, Full, General)
  • Little Rock Fox Fire Protection District (300s) (LRFFD All Tones) (Still, Full/General)
  • Newark Fire Protection District (600s(NFD All Tones) (Still, Full/General)
  • Lisbon Seward Fire Protection District (200s) (LSFD All Tones) (Still, Full/General)
  • Sandwich Community Fire Protection District (400s) (SFD All Tones) (Still, Full, General)
  • Montgomery & Countryside Fire Protection District (4100s) (MFD All Tones) (Still/Full/General)
  • Aurora Township Fire Protection District (800s) (ATFD All Tones) (Still/Full, General)​
  • MABAS Divison 14 Technical Rescue Team (TRT Tone)

Other Channels That Can Be Heard & More Info Listed Below

  •  TriCom Fire Dispatch South (Sugar Grove FD & North Aurora FD)
  • KaneComm Fire South Dispatch (Big Rock, Kaneville, Maple Park)
  • Oswego Police Local Talk Channel - Non Emergency Dispatch
  • KenCom Police Channels 2 & 4 Low Power Talk Channels Only Heard When Officers Are Near My Antenna 
  • KenCom Police Ch 7 Special Events Talk Ch and Backup Dispatch Ch
  • Fire Channel 3 Encrypted Tactical Channel Used For Major Emergencies (Not Brodcasted)
  • KenCom Police 5 Encrypted Tactical Channel Used For Major Emergencies (Not Brodcasted)
  • Kendall County EMA
  • Illinois Radio Emergency Assistance Channel (IREACH)
  • Interagency Fire Emergency Radio Network (IFERN​)
  • MABAS Firegrounds, Red, White, Blue

​Brodcasted From a BCD996P2 on ProScan