Kansas City Police
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Featuring the four primary patrol zones for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department - Central, East, Metro, and North

Kansas City Missouri Police Department

DEC  HEX  Mode   Alpha Tag Description Tag  
33050 811a De KCPD All Call All Call/Citywide (Attempt to Locate info)  Law Dispatch 
33051 811b De KCPD Center Center Patrol Zone  Law Dispatch 
33052 811c De KCPD Metro Metro Patrol Zone  Law Dispatch 
33053 811d De KCPD East East Patrol Zone  Law Dispatch 
33054 811e De KCPD North North Patrol Zone   Law Dispatch 
33055 811f De KCPD South South Patrol Zone   Law Dispatch 
33058 8122 De KCPD Shl Creek Shoal Creek Patrol Zone   Law Dispatch 

Monitoring the 'MO Kansas City' site of the Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System (MARRS).

Scanning using an Airspy SDR connected to a dedicated Windows computer running SDRTrunk.