Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Pu...
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141 08d D MWAAPD Tac 1 DCA Tac 1 - Reagan Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
142 08e D MWAAPD Tac 2 IAD Tac 2 - Dulles Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
103 067 D MWAAFD 3A Disp 3A Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
102 066 D MWAAFD 3B Resp 3B Response  Fire-Tac 
106 06a D DCA Ops Reagan Ops  Public Works 
107 06b D IAD Ops Dulles Ops  Public Works 
120 078 D IAD BaggageHndlr Dulles Baggage Handlers  Public Works 
113 071 D DCA Mnt Primary Reagan Maintenance Primary  Public Works 
114 072 D IAD Mnt 1 Dulles Maintenance 1  Public Works 
121 079 D IAD Pipe Shop 2 Dulles Pipe Shop 2  Public Works 
139 08b D IAD Electrician2 Dulles Electricians 2  Public Works 
178 0b2 D IAD HVAC 2 Dulles HVAC 2  Public Works 
180 0b4 D MWAA Mnt 2 Maintenance 2 
169 0a9 D MWAA DTR1 DTR1 Safety Service Patrol   Public Works 
170 0aa D MWAA DTR2 DTR2 Toll Booth Operations  Public Works