K7LRM AllStar Node
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Stream of Allstar node 52896 General interest Amateur radio nets.

Feed of my AllStar node 52896 for Amateur radio. Local and International Amateur radio nets.

I monitor:

Usually connected to the ANZEL or DODROPIN networks, connecting to many amateur nets during the day. The schedule is at:


Additionally, I specifically monitor:

Daily 0600PST - Professional Loafer's Net

Daily 0745PST - Puget Sound Boaters Net

Daily: 0900PST - PSRG Morning Net

Weekdays 1000PST - Alaska Morning Net

Sunday 1000PST - Trans-Canada Net

Daily: 1200PST - PSRG Noon Net

Sunday: 1400PST - Raspberry PI Net

Weekdays 1500PST - Australia Morning Tea Net

Friday: 1700PST - Flying Pig Net

Saturday: 1700PST - ARN News

Saturday: 1725PST - ARRL News

Friday: 1800PST - PAPA Systems Antenna Net

Thursday: 2000 - PAPA Systems Tech Net

Daily: 2100 - PSRG 9pm Net