Kenosha County Public Safety
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Listen live to the City of Kenosha Police Department, the City of Kenosha Fire Department, Pleasant Prairie Police Department, Pleasant Prairie Fire Department, Kenosha County Fire, and the Kenosha County Sheriff's Office.

Listen LIVE to the Kenosha County Sheriff, the Kenosha Police Department, the Pleasant Prairie Police Department, and the Kenosha Fire Department!

  • Feed uses an SDR (Software Defined Radio) so every single call is heard. Unlike a scanner, all transmissions on all frequencies will be heard.


  • The Kenosha County Sheriff is broadcast on 155.955.
  • The Kenosha Police Department is broadcast on 155.5275.
  • The Pleasant Prairie Police Department is broadcast on 154.875.
  • The Kenosha Fire Department is broadcast on 154.415.
  • The Pleasant Prairie Fire Department is broadcast on 154.3475.
  • Kenosha County Fire Dispatch, which serves all other towns in Kensoha County, is broadcast on 151.235



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In accordance with Broadcastify's Feed Provider Terms of Service, tactical frequencies used by Kenosha Police and Kenosha County Sheriff ARE NOT broadcast on this feed.

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