KA9QJG 147.045 MHz Repeater
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KA9QJG 2 Mtr Repeater Freq. 147.045+Tone 131.8 Chicago & N/W IN.-Useless info Net, Thursday @ 7PM CST NCO KC9UNS Ben-Technical Info Net,Tuesday @ 7PM NCO is Ayman N9SES-Blistered Pinky Net,NCO Is Glenn KD9PNY Every First & 3rd Sat.of the month @ 10:10 CST

KA9QJG 2 Meter Repeater Frequency 147.045 + Tone 131.8 Covers all  of the Chicago Metro and N/W Indiana


Useless info Net Thursday at  7:00 PM CST Net Control is KC9UNS Ben


Technical Net,  Net Control is  Ayman N9SES  Or Guest Net Control


Blistered Pinky Net,  Net  Control is Glenn KD9PNY  Every First and Third Saturday  of the month at 10:10 CST   


Every Lic Amateur Radio Operator is Welcome Scanner  listener or anyone can E-Mail  Don KA9QJG@COMCAST.NET  With Questions to be brought up