Amateur DMR Digital TG 3139 Ohio Statewide
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Providing TG 3139 Statewide, and other Regional Ohio TGs including:

- SouthWest

- SouthEast

- Central/WX

- Northwest

- OH Talk Around Channel

All signals are of RF origin via a JumboSpot (clone of the ZUMSpot/other MMDVM Hats) hotspot, running Pi-star software in DMR mode. Brandmeister server 3103 is linked currently.

Data is decoded using Cubic SDR, DSD+ Fastlane (subscription version) , and a custom Python script to decode TG information (provides Callsign Lookup courtesy, timestamp, and general parsing/formatting) for MetaData display.

Audio is derived from the decoded analog output from a Radioddity GD-77. The previous incarnation of this feed used SDR audio but the quality was poor, having more artifacts and a loud digital noise floor during transmissions.

Broadcasting (Icecast) is handled by the app "RadioFeed" client/encoder, which is restarted daily to keep the broadcast delay to a minimum.

NOTE:  There is a significant delay upwards of a minute--do not use for signal checking. Use an appropriate Parrot TG instead.

EVENT LOG: (newest on top)

2022-05-18  - Feed was offline for a couple weeks due to some network issues, and also the Hotspot lost its wifi credentials. Reloaded wifisupplicant file and everything seems to be back up.

2020-12-20  -  Loaded the latest Development rev (D2020.12.20.01) for the GD-77 which seems to be eliminating most of the stuttering that was occuring a bit too often.

2020-12-11  -  Enforcement of mandatory hotspot password kicked in for Brandmeister server 3103 today, resulting in loss of network traffic until I could correct this evening.  Should be back to normal now.

2020-12-11  -  Changed encoder client to "RadioFeed" since it supports lower bandwidth 16kbit stream. Previous client's minimum was 32. Was concerned that there might be buffer creep with previous encoder. Encoder will still be rebooted automatically daily to reset any buffer issues.