Eastpointe, Saint Clair Shores, and Chesterfield Tow...
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Eastpointe, Saint Clair Shores & Chesterfield Police & Fire Dispatch Feed!

This feed includes:
 (MPSCS) Trunk Frequency: P=853.2625a  S=853.9875c 
(Macomb County, MI - SERESA)

Police: Eastpointe, Saint Clair Shores Dispatch: TG: 2875
Police: Secondary Eastpointe, Saint Clair Shores Dispatch: TG: 2877
Police: Chesterfield Township Dispatch: TG: 2321
Fire: County Wide Dispatch: TG: 12619
Fire: Saint Clair Shores Dispatch: TG: 2890
Fire: Eastpointe Dispatch: TG: 2893
Fire: Chesterfield Township Dispatch: TG: 2329 
Eastpointe, MI 
Saint Clair Shores, MI
Chesterfield Township, MI