Greater Lansing Area Public Safety
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All Ingham County, 24/7/365. Facebook Group "Greater Lansing Area Scanner Scoop"

Thank you for listening to this Broadcastify-Approved Feed. The Greater Lansing Area Public Safety scanner feed is to be used for entertainment purposes only.  Utilizing the new Ingham County Simulcast and The MPSCS Project-25 (P25) Trunked System, Ingham County has many new capabilities in communicated with it's neighboring jurisdictions.

Ingham County (33) Law Enforcement Talk Groups

  • Ingham County PD Main
  • Lansing PD Main North
  • Lansing PD Main South
  • East Lansing PD/MSU PD Main 
  • Ingham County Animal Control Main
  • Lansing Community College PD Main

Ingham County Fire Talk Groups

  • Ingham County Main
  • Lansing Metro Main
  • County Firegrounds 1-5
  • City Firegrounds 6-8

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