Wellington County Area OPP, MTO, MNR, and EMS
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This feed is of various talkgroups broadcasted from the Bell Fleetnet Zone 1 site 12WDLN in Guelph. Below is a list of talkgroups explicitly enabled for broadcast on this feed. Talkgroups broadcasted but not listed below have been patched in.

  • EMS CAM TAC3 Guelph/Wellington & Dufferin
  • OPP OPS14 Wellington 6T
  • OPP OPS44 HSD Mississauga & Cambridge 5I
  • MTO Maintenance - Morriston Ch (Halton/Peel Area)
  • MTO Maintenance - Ch 12 (Kitchener Area)
  • MTO Maintenance - Ch 7 (Guelph Area)
  • MNR OPS2 Southwest Ontario
  • MNR OPS3
  • EMS Zone 1 Common
  • EMS Region 2 Common

EMS for the Region of Waterloo is available on the Waterloo Region EMS feed. Some talkgroups broadcasted from 12WDLN can be seen on the Broadcastify Calls Platform.

The current setup uses a NESDR Smart v4 SDR dongle and the following software:
  • Unitrunker
  • Trunking Recorder
  • RadioFeed
  • Virtual Audio Cable