Manistee County Public Safety
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Broadcasting allowed 800MHz talkgroups including Dispatch for police, fire, and EMS. Also all fireground talkgroups. Please note, Manisee County has not transitioned fire departments to 800 MHz and those are in a trial phase.

This feed is to include the following talkgroups from the Michigan Puglic Safety Communication System (MPSCS)

Agencies covered:

Local Michigan State Police

Manistee County Sheriff's Department

City of Manistee Police Department

Little River Tribal Police

Bear Lake Township Fire

Cleon Township Fire

Eastlake Township Fire

Filer Charter Township Fire

 City of Manistee Fire

Maple Grove Townshop Fire

Onekama Township Fire

Norman Township Fire

Dickson Township Fire

Manistee Township Fire

Stronach Township Fire

Arcadia Township Fire

Manistee County Jaws Team



Talkgroups to be broadcast:

51P911     Manistee County Central Dispatch Law Enforcement Dispatch

51F911     Manistee County Central Dispatch Fire Dispatch

51E911     Manistee County Central Dispatch EMS Dispatch

51FADM   Manistee County Fire Admin

51FGRN1  Manistee County Fireground 1

51FGRN2  Manistee County Fireground 2

51EMS   Manistee County EMS Unit to Unit

51FD01   Bear Lake Fireground

51FD02   Cleon Township Fireground

51FD03   Eastlake Township Fireground

51FD04   Filer Charter Township Fireground

51FD05   Manistee City Fireground

51FD06   Maple Grove Townshop Fireground

51FD07   Onekama Township Fireground

51FD08   Norman Township Fireground

51FD09   Dickson Township Fireground

51FD10   Manistee Township Fireground

51FD11   Stronach Township Fireground

51FD12   Arcadia Township Fireground

51JAWS   Manistee County Jaws Team