Matagorda County Public Safety
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Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN) Bay CIty Fire/EMS, Van Vleck PD/Fire/EMS, Matagorda County Sheriff

Matagorda Sheriff Office Police, Fire
1244  MatCoSh1Disp Sheriff 1 (simulcast with 154.74 MHz) Law Dispatch 
1246  MatCoSh2Ptrl Sheriff 2 Patrol Law Tac 
1260  MatCo VFD Volunteer Fire Department Fire Dispatch 
1264  Sargent VFD Sargent Volunteer Fire Department Fire Dispatch 
City of Bay City Police, Fire
1256  BayCityAnmlC Animal Control Public Works 
1230  Bay City EMS EMS EMS Dispatch 
1238  BCVFD 1 Fire Ch. 1 Fire-Tac 
1240  BCVFD 2 Fire Ch. 2 Fire-Tac 
1275  BCVFD Chief Fire Chief Fire-Talk 
1218  BayCityPDDis Police 1 Dispatch Law Dispatch 
1220  BayCity PD 2 Police 2 Secondary Law Tac 
1222  BayCityPDAdm Police Administration Law Talk 
City of Palacios Police, Fire
1276  Palacios FD Palacios Fire Fire Dispatch 
2310  Palacios PD Palacios Police Dispatch Law Dispatch 
2311  Palacios PD2 Palacios Police Secondary Law Talk