Mt Hood Area Forest Operations
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Radio feed of various Mt. Hood and ODF operations in and around the Mt Hood area, as received from northwest Clackamas County.

This feed scans among a bunch of public safety response channels related to the Oregon Clackamas county wildfire response, including Mt Hood NF and Oregon Dept. of Forestry. Receiver located in Northwest Clackamas County at ~750ft. Note that several of the channels (ODF colored nets) are simplex/direct so you may only hear one side of a convo, and some people are very weak if far away from the receiver.

  • ODF Molalla Dispatch 151.20500 (Often called "High Heaven")
  • ODF White 151.31000
  • ODF Orange 151.43750
  • ODF Blue 151.43750
  • ODF Red 151.34000
  • ODF Green 172.22500
  • Mt Hood Central 169.57500 (Often called "Hickman" or "Timberline")
  • Mt Hood East 169.92500
  • Mt Hood South 170.52500 (Often called "Whale head", "Tumala" or "SiSi")