South LA County Rail
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Covering BNSF, PHL and UP mainline, yard and local operations in and around the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

This feed covers the South Bay and Harbor regions of Los Angeles County, including operations in and around the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Almost 100 trains a day, split almost evenly between PHL, BNSF and UP, utilize the lines that are recorded. The following channels are monitored:

AAR Channel Frequency Description
14 160.320 UP DS248 San Pedro Sub, Wilmington Sub, Dolores Roundhouse
17 160.365 UP DS248 Alameda Corridor Sub
38 160.680 UP Mead and Manuel Yard, misc. switching
40 160.710 PHL West Basin
43 160.755 BNSF Watson Yard
55 160.935 BNSF Harbor Sub
57 160.965 PHL Long Beach
58 160.980 PHL Badger Bridge Dispatcher [road]
65 160.710 PHL Berth 200 Yard
72 161.190 Terminal Island Intermodal Container Transfer Facility [Everport, NYK]
78 161.280 TTI [Hanjin] and Fenix [APL/Global Gateway South]
84 161.370 APM Pier 400 [Maersk]
86 161.400 UP ICTF
88 161.430 UP El Segundo and Torrance Industrial Leads, misc. PHL/UP switching

Some of these channels are used in other areas of Southern California as well, you may hear chatter from the BNSF Cajon Sub DS, Hobart Yard, Kaiser Yard as well as UP operations in Los Angeles and Anaheim.

The following defect detectors can be heard on the Alameda Corridor:

144.45 BNSF CP-Soto
12.1 UP CP-Alameda ICTF yard lead
12.9 Alameda Corridor Main CP-Tyler

A map of lines and locations around the Harbor can be viewed at this link: