Ohio State University Police, Fire, and Events
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Operations at The Ohio State University.

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Covering Police, Fire, Safety, and Event operational radio traffic at The Ohio State University.

Talkgroups will be monitored / filtered to proiritize traffic during events of interest

TalkGroup Alias Description Type
63560 OSU-SSS1 Student Safety Services (foot patrol) Security
63561 OSU-SSS2 Student Safety Services (escorts) Security
63557 OSU-SFP1 Security/Fire Prevention Patrol  Security
63558 OSU-SFP2 Security/Fire Prevention Fire Alarms Security
63559 OSU-SFP3 Security/Fire Prevention Wexner Center Security
63567 OSU-UNIV1 University common (monitored by police) Multi-Talk
63569 OSU-SE1 Special events  Multi-Talk
63617 OSU-REDX Events Multi-Talk
63626 OSU-P1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
63627 OSU-CFD T1 Columbus Fire - Tac 1  Fire Tac
63628 OSU-P2 Police Operations Law Tac
63515 OSU-HDIS Disaster Ops Interop
63522 OSU-DPS1 Public safety mutual aid 1 Interop
63523 OSU-DPS2 Public safety mutual aid 2 Interop
63524 OSU-DPS3 Public safety mutual aid 3 Interop
63525 OSU-DPS4 Public safety mutual aid 4 Interop
63632 OSU-CFD T2 Columbus Fire - Tac 2  Fire Tac
63634 OSU-CFD FG Columbus Fire - Fireground  Fire Tac

SDRTrunk v0.5.0-alpha3, 4x NooElec NESDR Smart v4 SDR

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