Oklahoma Highway Patrol - Troop A
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Cleveland and Oklahoma Counties

Using a Uniden BCD-536 scanner. Broadcasting OHP troop A communications on the digital state system and the old analog system 

State P25 stystem 
52.775 856.9875 857.9875 858.9875 859.9875a 860.9875c

State Motorola analog system 

853.900 854.4875 855.2125 857.9625 858.7625 859.7625a 860.7625c
  858.9625 859.9625a 860.9625

Talk Groups:
2605 a2d D OHP AM-Comm Troop A Metro Dispatch - AM-Comm
2607 a2f D OHP AM-Ops Troop A Metro Operations - AM-Ops
2611 a33 D OHP AR-Comm Troop A Rural Dispatch - AR-Comm
2613 a35 D OHP AR-Ops Troop A Rural Operations - AR-Ops
2633 a49 D OHP Turner Com Turner/Kilpatrick Turnpike Dispatch - Turner Comm 
2635 a4b D OHP Turner Ops Turner/Kilpatrick Turnpike Operations - Turner-Ops
2609 a31 D OHP Com Center Com Center
2777 ad9 D OHP Motor OKC Motorcycles - OKC
2783 adf D OHP Motor Tulsa Motorcycles - Tulsa  
2801 af1 D OHP Lake Patrol Lake Patrol  
2623 a3f D DPS Event 1 DPS Event 1  
2625 a41 D DPS Event 2 DPS Event 2  
2603 a2b D OHP Gov Security Executive Security - ES-Comm 
2627 a43 D OHP Supervisors Supervisors