Clearwater County Public Safety
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Clearwater Safety (MN ARMER); Law, Fire, EMS. WE Tribal PD, Itasca Park, Inter-OPs, AirMed, NW Call, NWS Gfks, and State Patrol 3200. Other dispatch when roaming.

Most talkgroups are uploaded to calls. Computer is running three SDR dongles monitoring the the Bagley and Berner ARMER sites. Running a UPS and 250/250mb connection. Although it might be so quiet that uptime doesn't matter much. Currently about 95% uptime since going online, due to several hardware/ISP level outages.

Main Talkgroups

  • 49900; Clearwater Dispatch
    • 7100 units Clearwater SO
    • 7300 units Bagley Police - 7301 is the Chief
    • 7500 units Clearbrook-Gonvick Police - 7501 is the Chief
  • 49912; Clearwater Fire
    • Some VHF patched units 154.43 PL123, mostly ARMER for fire admins. Dispatch is on patch.
    • Think paging is only POCSAG like EMS.
    • Clearbrook Fire, Gonvick Fire, Shevlin Fire, and Bagley Fire. May have heard Itasca fire once..Elbow-Tulaby (Becker Co)did a test on NW 12 09/16/2020. I don't think they have access to Clearwater Fire.
  • 49920; Clearwater EMS - See calls for hospital to ambulance traffic on TG 50332.
    • Paging is done via POCSAG only I think. Haven't heard anything but kind of far from Bagley if it's UHF.
  • 48801; White Earth Law, sometimes 1 way conversation with Mahnomen TG which usually isn't heard by Bagley.
    • 800 units WE Police
    • 44# units WE EMS
    • 900 units Mahnomen SO
    • 95# units Mahnomen EMS

Misc Talkgroups

  • 50340; Sanford Air Med Comm, only when over the area.
  • 48465; Itasca State Park 1; More on sites south of Bagley
  • 48466; Itasca State Park 2; More on sites south of Bagley
  • 48467; Itasca State Park 3; More on sites south of Bagley
  • Several other dispatch channels may be received from roaming/affliated units near the sites.