Clearwater County Public Safety
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Clearwater Safety (MN ARMER); Law, Fire, EMS. WE Tribal PD, Itasca Park, Inter-OPs, AirMed, NW Call, NWS Gfks, and State Patrol 3200. Other dispatch when roaming.

All talkgroups are uploaded to calls. Computer is running a Kraken SDR monitoring the the Bagley and Berner ARMER sites.

Main Talkgroups

  • 49900; Clearwater Dispatch
    • 7100 units Clearwater SO
    • 7300 units Bagley Police - 7301 is the Chief
    • 7500 units Clearbrook-Gonvick Police - 7501 is the Chief
  • 49912; Clearwater Fire
    • Some VHF patched units 154.43 PL123, mostly ARMER for fire admins. Dispatch is on patch.
    • Think paging is only POCSAG like EMS.
    • Clearbrook Fire, Gonvick Fire, Shevlin Fire, and Bagley Fire. May have heard Itasca fire once..Elbow-Tulaby (Becker Co)did a test on NW 12 09/16/2020. I don't think they have access to Clearwater Fire.
  • 49920; Clearwater EMS - See calls for hospital to ambulance traffic on TG 50332.
    • Paging is done via POCSAG only I think. Haven't heard anything but kind of far from Bagley if it's UHF.
  • 48801; White Earth Law, sometimes 1 way conversation with Mahnomen TG which usually isn't heard by Bagley.
    • 800 units WE Police
    • 44# units WE EMS
    • 900 units Mahnomen SO
    • 95# units Mahnomen EMS

Misc Talkgroups

  • 50340; Sanford Air Med Comm, only when over the area.
  • 48465; Itasca State Park 1; More on sites south of Bagley
  • 48466; Itasca State Park 2; More on sites south of Bagley
  • 48467; Itasca State Park 3; More on sites south of Bagley
  • Several other dispatch channels may be received from roaming/affliated units near the sites.