Washington, Saratoga and Warren Counties Sheriff

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Also includes VT State Police, Hudson Falls, Glens Falls, Whitehall, Greenwich-Cambridge,Granville, NYSP and Fort Edward Police Depts.

Streaming Hudson Falls Police and other Washington, Warren and Saratoga County Law Enforcement agencies Washington County: Hudson Falls Police (153,154,155 Etc), Fort Edward Police(121,122 Etc), Whitehall Police(171,172,173 etc), Cambridge(111,112 Etc)/Greenwich Police (141,142 etc) Granville Police(131,132 Etc), Washington County Sheriff's Department (308,309,310 Etc) New York State Police Troop G.(2G-36 Etc Warren County: Warren County Sheriff's Office (541,542,543 Etc) Saratoga County: Saratoga County Sheriff's Dept including State and County 911 which is the main emergency dispatch channel for the State Police and Sheriff's Department in Saratoga County. Utilizing a Uniden BC350A with an external antenna for now with a dedicated PC utilizing Scannercast.