Muncie and Delaware County Public Safety
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Muncie Police, Delaware County Sheriff, Ball State Police, Muncie Fire/EMS, Delaware County EMS, Indiana State Police

Munce Delaware County Public Safety

Equiptment used Windows 7 computer using RTL-SDR and Unitrunker software.

This is a trunked system controle frequency 853.26250

Muncie Police (T.G. 10164)

Delaware County Sheriff (T.G.  10177)

Ball State University Police (T.G. 10134)

Muncie Fire Dispatch (T.G. 10156)

Muncie Fireground 1 (T.G.  10157)

Muncie Fireground 2 (T.G. 10158)

Muncie EMS Dispatch (T.G. 10159)

Delaware County EMS (T.G. 10144)

Indiana State Police Dist. 51 Pendleton (T.G. 10766)