N2MPE Monroe County ARES/RACES Net
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Monroe County Amateur Radio Emergency Services(ARES)/Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services(RACES) repeater. Uplink 146.01 MHz, Downlink 146.61 MHz. Repeater transmitter antenna is located on Cobbs Hill, providing widespread coverage across Monroe and neighboring counties, receivers are scattered around Monroe county providing good coverage to Monroe and surrounding counties.

Widely used by Monroe County ARES/RACES members, and by Rochester Area Radio Association members and other regional hams.

Monroe County ARES/RACES meets at 7pm on the air on this repeater every Thursday of the month, on the 146.61 (-) and 444.45 (+) 110.9 Hz repeater.  The only exceptions to that are nights when an in person meeting is held, generally speaking on the 4th Thursday of the month.