PAPA System Analog Repeaters
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This feed is from the PAPA System analog repeater network including the "PAPA Bridge" DMR and P25 talkgroups (tg 31078) and D-STAR XRF012A. The PAPA System analog FM, D-STAR, DMR, and P25 repeaters provide extensive coverage of Southern California. For

PAPA System Analog repeaters, "PAPA Bridge" DMR & P25 talkgroups (tg 31078) and D-STAR X-Reflector 12A

The PAPA System is a member-supported wide-area amateur radio network of inter-linked analog FM, D-STAR, DMR, and P25 repeaters, providing extensive coverage of the Southern California region and beyond. We have reliable communications from the border with Mexico to north of Santa Barbara, and from the Arizona border to "maritime mobiles" well out into the Pacific Ocean. For details please see