Albany County Fire Control (South EMS/Fire)
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Feed covers fire/ems departments dispatched by Albany County Fire Control for the Hilltowns, Town of Coeymans, and the Town of New Scotland. Main channel and Ops channels. P25 800 mhz.

Albany County Fire Control (AC Fire South) P25 Phase I 800 mhz


AC Fire 1: Main channel for fire and EMS units (patched with VHF 154.415 for paging). 

Ops 4

Ops 5

Ops 6

Ops 7

Ops 9: Primarily used by Town of Coeymans fire departments when requesting an ops channel. 

AC Firefighter Mayday Channel

AC Air to Ground (helicopter)

AC County-Wide Interop. 

Departments dispatched on this channel: Berne FD(03), Coeymans FD(05), Coeymans Hollow FD(06), Knox FD(16), Medusa FD(18), New Salem FD(23), Onesquethaw Fire/EMS (Fire department staffs an ambulance)(BLS)(25), Ravena FD(26), Rensselaerville FD(27), Tri-Village FD(33), Voorheesville FD(35), Westerlo FD(39), Albany County Fire Coordinator(49), Helderberg ambulance/EMS(BLS)(53), ACSO EMS Paramedics(ALS)(55), ACCORD Mental Health Response(57) and Ravena Rescue/EMS(AEMT)(58).


Signal 10: False alarm

Signal 20: Working emergency incident 

Signal 30: Active structure fire

Signal 500: Ambulance transport with AEMT (ALS)

Signal 600: Ambulance transport with paramedic (ALS)

Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD):

Albany County PSAP uses standardized EMD questions to determine the severity of a patient. Below is the general breakdown of a response.

Alpha: No lights and sirens; low priority patients (simple falls, generalized abdominal pain, etc)

Bravo: Closest unit lights and sirens; Usually for unknown status (unknown medical alarm, unknown MVA, fall w/ striking dangerous body area).

Charlie: Priority patient; lights and sirens (difficulty breathing, chest pain, allergic reaction, stroke, etc). 

Delta: High priority patient; lights and sirens (chest pain w/trouble breathing, severe respiratory distress, high mechanism MVA, GSW, etc). 

Echo: Highest priority patient; lights and sirens (cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest) (In some areas, FD will respond w/ EMS). 

Apparatus Type:

00-01 Officer/car

10-19 Engine

20-29 Engine tanker

30-39 Tanker

40-49 Rescue

50-59 Utility

60-69 Hazmat

70-79 Ladder

80-89 Ambulance

90-99 Paramedic units or other officers


25-30: Onesquethaw tanker

16-42: Knox rescue truck

03-10: Berne engine

53-84: Helderberg EMS ambulance

55-91: ACSO paramedic #1

25-52: Onesquethaw utility truck

26-70: Ravena ladder truck

Other Agencies That You May Hear on Albany County (Due to mutual aid or EMS response)

Altamont FD (02), Delmar FD (09), North Bethlehem FD (24), Selkirk FD (29), Slingerlands FD (31), SABIC Industrial Complex (42), Altamont EMS(BLS)(50), Delmar-Bethlehem EMS(AEMT)(51), SUNY Five-Quad EMS (BLS)(52), Town of Guilderland EMS(ALS)(56), New Baltimore FD (70), Greene County Paramedics(ALS)(71), Huntersland FD (72), Greenville FD (73), East Durham FD (74), Gallupville FD (75), Livingstonville FD (76), Middleburg FD (77), Oak-Hill FD (78), Medway Grapeville FD (79). 

Radio feed is based out of Clarksville, NY.