Minneapolis Police
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Monitoring PD Dispatch 1, 2, 3, 4, also on Broadcastify Calls (see notes)

Offline until late September to late October 2020, still accessible through Broadcastify Calls though. See this Minnesota forum post for more details.

This feed is also supplied the the Broadcastify Calls platform as ARMER (Minneapolis) system 162. The Broadcastify Calls platform allows you to create custom playlists of talkgroups, go back and search and play specific calls, and many other more advanced features than the traditional stream platform so you are encouraged to check it out.

From Minnesota ARMER System, Minneapolis N-S Simulcast Towers

Includes TGs:
2954 b8a D MPLS PD 1 DI Police 1 - Precinct 3 Law Dispatch
2956 b8c D MPLS PD 2 DI Police 2 - Precinct 1 - 4 Law Dispatch
2958 b8e D MPLS PD 3 DI Police 3 - Precinct 2 - 5 Law Dispatch
2960 b90 D MPLS PD 4 DI Police 4 - Overflow dispatch/ events Law Dispatch