South Bay Law Enforcement
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SDPD Southern, LE Mutual Aid.

11/2022 - Looks like SDPD plans on going full encryption

03/2022 - National City PD has joined the encryption club.

01/2022- Sheriff's Department and Coronado PD are also now encrypted.  

12/18/2020 - CVPD is now encrypted on all talkgroups to "comply" with CA DOJ CLETS mandate. 

Running a Software Defined Radio (SDR) system; using sdrtrunk and Nooelec NESDR SDR tuners.  The software monitors the control channel and then tunes the SDRs to the active channels.  The system is able to receive simultaneous active channels and record all of the calls at one time.  The calls from the talkgroups assigned to the feed are then played back in the order they were received, so you never miss a call.  

**Unfortunately, when two talkgroups are patched and the transmissions are being simulcast, both talkgroups are recorded and played over the feed, leading to duplicate/repeat transmissions.

Every call from the San Diego NextGen RCS South Simulcast zone is also recorded and uploaded to the new Broadcastify Calls SystemNextGen RCS South zone.  Personalized playlists can be created to play back the calls from specific talkgroups from any of the systems being uploaded.

Email with any comments/suggestions/issues.

South Simulcast on the RCS NextGen system.

  • National City Police Department
  • ​San Diego Sheriff’s Department – Imperial Beach/Bonita station Dispatch
  • San Diego Police Department - Southern Dispatch
  • Law Enforcement South Command
    • ​Southern area multi-agency emergencies/pursuits/officer assistance incidents
  • ​Blue 1
    • County wide multi-agency emergencies/pursuits/officer down incidents
  • ​Law Air
    • ​Regional law enforcement mutual aid air operations dispatch/coordination

​​NOTE: Router and modem reboot every morning at 0500 hrs.