CHP North Sacramento / Valley Division Blue
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CHP North Sac (46) office based off Madison and I-80. Office covers SR51/I80/I5 north of the Sacramento River and east of Yolo County. I have the Valley Division Blue on here which may pick up from Chico/Stockton Dispatch Centers as well.

Office covers SR51/I80/I5/SR160 north of the Sacramento River and east of Yolo County.  

I set up this feed because we didn't have a good feed in the area for the awesome officers out of the North Sacramento Office. "The Flagship of Valley Division"  Dispatch and Mobile are patched together so you will hear both on the GOLD DISPATCH frequency.  The coverage will be staticy during the day due to the frequency CHP Uses, and what repeater dispatch uses.  It does get much better in the evening when a lot of the fun can be heard.

07/30/2020 Added CHP Air to Air frequencies. 
08/04/2020 Added CHP 700mhz Frequencies as I have been told they are testing them

You may hear Golden Gate / Valley / Northern Division aircraft talking to each other on these frequencies. 

46-15# units are mainly Business 80 / SR51 area.
46-18# units are mainly Interstate 80 from Placer County Line to Yolo County Line. 
46-10# units are mainly Interstate 5 / SR99 SR70 on the west end to the Sacramento River.


46-4# units are Arden Area
46-2# units are Carmichael and borderline Citrus Heights
46-1# units are North Highlands and Rio Linda/Elverta Areas

Using a SDS200 and a Solarcon A-99 Base Antenna.

I am running this on a Windows 10 Workstation with 48HR UPS system in place.  Located in North Natomas part of Sacramento.