Montgomery and Mills Counties Fire and EMS
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Mont Co Iowa TGs: Fire Ops, Fire 1-2, ROPD, MCSO, Law 1-2, MCMH, EMA Ops, MWRDT, Statewide Roam. Mills Co, Iowa TGs: Fire Ops, Fire/EMS1, FG 2-4, FE1, Law Ops, Law 1-3, LE1, EMA1-2, Reg4/Statewide Interop, SWI4, IDPH, IDNR4, Air Methods.

Montgomery County, Iowa transitioned from VHF to 700Mhz system, and branched onto the Iowa Statewide Interoperability Communications System (ISICS). The Montgomery County talkgroups monitored include Mont County Fire Ops, Fire1, Fire2. MCMH, EMA Ops, County Events, Statewide Roam, and VHF Paging frequency. Mills County, Iowa also transitioned from VHF to ISICS. The Mills County talkgroups monitored include Mills County Fire Ops, Fire1, Fire2, Fire3, Fire Event1 as well as EMA1 and EMA2.