Linn County Fire and EMS
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Monitoring Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area through the Linn County Simulcast.

ScanCR Technical Log -

6/6/20 - Blacklisted 57902 VLAW31 Patch & 57903  PT to PT Patch, BH talkgroups 40703, 40702, 40710, 10703, 10704, 10705, 10702, 50721.   I will explore including these in a secondary private feed, if you are interested please contact me.

6/5/20 - Blacklisted hospital talkgroups, no more ER communication. I will explore setting this up in a secondary private feed, if you are interested please contact me.

6/1/20 - User kodka11 inquired about the hardware config and also wanted me to be aware of the Broadcastify terms of service which I have been disregarding to include ER communication during the COVID-19 outbreak.

6/1/20 - Users peaked at 297 with the heightened awareness around potential looting and civil unrest.

5/28/20 - A user n0zjt complained about ER communication and system maintenance talkgroups inclusion in the feed. 

5/27/20 - A user Alex Langer has complained of anomalies in the audio, to address this I will be purchasing a directional antenna. The assumption is these warbles or hiccups could be related to receiving from multiple simulcast towers. I feel it is listenable in its current form but will explore this option to see if I can do better for the users. Upgrades are expected around June 3rd, 2020.

5/26/20 - Blacklisted additional encrypted channels.

5/24/20 - At peak there were 37 listeners today, the most since coming online 1 week ago. The new headless pi4 has now been running without issue for 48 hours and looks to be stable. 

5/23/20 - Retimed alpha tags in an attempt to better synchronize with the audio.

5/22/20 - Service taken offline briefly at midnight to swap hardware and enable alpha tags. You will now see talkgroup ID's when the scanner is latched on a talkgroup. I have moved everything to a headless pi4 device for uninterrupted 24/7 operation and will monitor stability. Now using liquidsoap as the streaming application for op25.

5/19/20 - Service is stable and the stream is made public

5/17/20 - Service brought online for testing - cake day!

ScanCR Overview

Linn County, Iowa, fire and EMS live audio feed including Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities. My goal is to include useful unencrypted SARA network talkgroups from the Linn County Simulcast, I have blacklisted encrypted police and sheriff traffic along with unencrypted operations communication, leaving mostly fire and EMS in the stream. I'm evolving what goes into the feed as I monitor daily. Running OP25 on Raspberry Pi w/NooElec NESDR Smart v4 scanning/trunking/streaming/tagging. I have the system on a battery backup along with my router and modem. My recieve site is located near Ellis Park which is relatively central to Cedar Rapids, IA. This started when I recently moved here and noticed there wasn't a feed provider. This project was created for the benefit of the community. 

Scott Abing