Nixa Police Dispatch
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This is a feed of the Nixa PD and Nixa Sheriff dispatch frequency. The Sheriff Dispatch(DMR Slot2) is right Channel audio. The Nixa Police Department Dispatch is Left Channel Audio (DMR Slot1)

A broadcast of 155.835Mhz decoded from FM-DMR.

DMR CH1 is Nixa PD Dispatch

DMR CH2 is Nixa Sheriff Dispatch

Both channels are mixed into a single mono stream by a software defined radio. No artificial delay or other modification if preformed on this signal. This signals are broadcast as they are processed with about 1 second roundtrip through the broadcastify servers. There is a 38inch dipole in my backyard tied to a basic rtlsdr. The rtlsdr is connected to a windows machine that is dedicated to this use on a uninterruptible power supply.