Railroads West Sac UP, BNSF, SERA, CFNR and CSRM
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Union Pacific Martinez Sub, Sac Sub, Valley Sub, Fresno Sub. UP West Sac Yard, Sierra Northern RR, CA State Railroad Museum/Sac Southern Excursion Train, California Northern RR West Valley, and BNSF. Also hears Placerville Branch Line and P&G Yard.

Receiving antenna located in West Sacramento near the Sacramento River.

  • California Northern Railroad (CFNR) West Valley Sub (AAR 085) 161.385
  • Sacramento Southern Railroad CSRM (AAR 022) 160.440 (Old Sac to Baths)
  • Sacramento Southern Railroad CSRM (AAR 015) 160.335 (Crew)
  • Sierra Northern Railway (SERA) (AAR 048) 160.830 - Woodland to West Sac Port
  • Union Pacific Railroad (UP) (AAR 048) 160.830 - West Sac Yard Switching to Industries
  • Union Pacific Railroad (UP) (AAR 046) 160.800 - Martinez Subdivision
  • Union Pacific Railroad (UP) (AAR 051) 160.875 - Fresno and Roseville Subdivisions
  • Amtrak Sacramento Valley Station - stop for Capitol Corridor trains and California Zephyr trains (5) and (6)
  • Amtrak Davis Station
  • Polar Express and Spookomotive trains from the Califronia State Railroad Museum
  • Sacramento River Train (West Sacramento)

Railroad Subdivisions

  • Martinez Subdivision
  • Fresno Subdivision
  • Sacramento Subdivision
  • Valley Subdivision
  • Roseville Subdivision

This feed serves broadcasts in both Yolo County and Sacramento County