O'Fallon Police
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O'Fallon Missouri Police

O'Fallon Mo. is the most populated city of the whole county of St. Charles County. Channels Monitored are all P25 800 Mhz Phase I Trunked. Specific TG will be O'Fallon PD Main (95% of traffic) Disp. to Officer and Officer to Disp. O'Fallon PD Ch. 2 (All officers not on a major event, go to this channel, a few times a day) O'Fallon PD Ch. 3 Used rarely for side details, ie, funeral traffic, scene re-creation team. O'Fallon PD Park Rangers cover the many parks within the area, utilized by animal control as well. SCC-Call Countywide O.S.C. (Oh Shit Channel)

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