Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri Public Safety
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This Feed includes: Sheriff,Police,Fire,EMS,Air Evac,Road & Highway Departments,Analog Backup frequencies for Highway Patrol & State Police,Forestry Departments,First Responders,Severe Weather Team,Amateur Radio,Air Band,Backup for MOSWIN,AWIN.

**** I apologize in advance, reception during bad weather is limited and out of my control, feed may even go off line.****

** Due to my kids doing remote learning I have had little to no time for any upgrades or changes I apologize but family matters come first. **

Broadcasting from Gatewood, MO.  Any comments/questions/suggestions, please email: 

This feed includes the following counties in Northeast Arkansas: Randolph,Sharp,Lawerence,Green,Clay,Independence,Izard,Stone and Fulton. 

This feed includes the following counties in Southeast Missouri: Oregon,Ripley, and Butler.

The following is a list of the frequencies being monitored.


Randolph County

Sheriff: 154.8450 (Sheriff using mostly NXDN & Analog backup. Sheriff also using AWIN)

Office of Emergency Services:154.3400 (Fire Department/OEM Now using NXDN & Analog/Paging )

Highway Department :151.0325

Highway Department Maynard Area:151.5500

EMS Dispatch: 155.3400

Warm Springs Volunteer Fire Department Dispatch Ch 1 : 154.3400

Warm Springs Volunteer Fire Department On-scene Ch 2: 154.1450

Warm Springs Volunteer Fire Department Mutual Aid Ch 3: 154.2800

Maynard Fireground: 154.1450

Arkansas Forestry Commission District #8: 151.4600

Pocahontas Old Davidsonville State Park: 46.5400

Pocahontas Fire Department: 156.1650 (Fire Department now using NXDN with Analog/Paging.)

Pocahontas Police Department: 155.5650 (Police now using AWIN for main coms,with Analog as fallback.)

Okean Fireground: 155.1225


Lawrence County

 Fire/EMS: 154.4150

 Sheriff: 156.2100 (Sheriff now using NXDN & analog as fallback.)

 Road Department: 155.4150

Lawrence County Amateur Radio Club: 147.0450   (Ham Radio Nets are Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:30pm CST)

Alicia Fire/Police/DPW: 158.8350

BLACK ROCK Fire/Police: 153.9800

Hoxie Police: 154.8150

Hoxie Police Backup: 150.8450

Hoxie Fire: 154.0700

Lynn Fireground: 154.5150

Portia Fireground: 154.1750

Sedgwick Fireground: 154.3700

 Strawberry Fireground: 153.8300

 Walnut Ridge Police: 154.6950

 Walnut Ridge Fireground: 154.2500

 Walnut Ridge City Services: 154.0850

 Walnut Ridge Public Works: 158.7450

Imboden Fireground: 155.7450

Ravenden Police/Fire: 151.2725

Air Band Sector 35 Walnut Ridge Ultra-Hi: 135.2250


Sharp County

EMS/Fire: 155.9250

Sheriff: 155.5200

Road Department: 156.2250

Sheriff VHF Backup: 158.7900


Clay County

911 VHF Backup: 155.2500

Biggers-Reyno Fireground: 153.9500

Corning Police VHF Analog Backup: 154.8000


Green County

Rescue Squad VHF Analog Paging: 460.5750

Sheriff VHF Backup: 159.2100


Fulton County

Fire Department: 154.8000

EMS: 155.3850

Cherokee Village Fire: 154.9950

Cherokee Village Police: 155.4300

Mammoth Springs Police/Fire/EMS/City Services: 158.7750


Independence County

Sheriff Main Dispatch:154.9800

EMS Paging: 155.3850 (EMS uses Analog Paging and DMR for ops.) 

OEM/Fire Backup: 154.0250 (Main OEM comms are on AWIN)

Road Department: 156.1950

Survival Flight Batesville Repeater: 461.5000


Izard County

Sheriff VHF Backup: 154.7400 (Sheriff also using AWIN)

EMS: 151.1450

Sheriff VHF Backup: 155.5500 (Sheriff also using AWIN)


Stone County

Sheriff Countywide VHF Analog : 155.5500  (Sheriff also uses DMR on this frequency, Main coms are now on AWIN)

Sheriff North Dispatch VHF Analog: 155.1900 (Sheriff also uses DMR on this frequency, Main coms are now on AWIN)

Sheriff West Dispatch VHF Analog: 155.6850 (Sheriff also uses DMR on this frequency, Main coms are now on AWIN)

EMS: 151.1900

OES/Fire: 155.8050


Arkansas Statewide

Fire Mutual Aid: 154.2800 (Statewide Fire Ops.)

OEM VHF Backup: 158.7450 (OEM backup only main coms on AWIN)

Sheriff Net Low Band Backup: 37.1000 (Sheriff Net main coms are mostly on AWIN)

Sheriff Net Low Band Backup: 37.2400 (Sheriff Net main coms are mostly on AWIN)

EMS: 155.3400 (Statewide EMS Ops.)

Air Band Sector 27 Jonesboro Hi: 132.3750

Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN) All Analog Backup & Fall Back Frequencies are being monitored.


Oregon County 

Sheriff Dispatch VHF Backup: 155.6250

Highway Commission: 155.8800

AirEvac Lifeteam151.7300

Alton Fire/First Responders: 154.3550

Rose Hill Forest Wildlife Officer: 151.3250


Ripley County

Sheriff/Doniphan Police: 155.1450

EMS/Fire/First Responders/Countywide On-Scene Interoperability: 154.1300  

Highway Department: 159.1350

Water Patrol: 155.5950

Current River Fire Department: 154.3700

Doniphan Police: 154.0550

Doniphan Fire: 154.1300

Doniphan City Work Crew: 153.9350

Doniphan Streets/Police: 155.8950

Gatewood Township Volunteer Fire Department/First Responders: 154.1300


Butler County

Sheriff: 154.8750

EMS: 152.4050

Fire: 154.4450

Severe Weather Storm Team: 152.3000

Highway Department: 159.1050

Poplar Bluff Police: 155.5500

Poplar Bluff Fire: 154.2200

Mulebarn Club Amateur Radio Repeater KM0HP: 146.9100   (Ham Radio Nets are Mondays at 8:00pm CST)  

Southeast Missouri Search and Rescue Team: 154.4000


Missouri Statewide

Missouri Law Enforcement Emergency Network VHF Fall Back: 155.4700

Point-to-Point / Highway Patrol-to-Sheriffs VHF Fall Back:155.3700

Sheriff Network VHF Fall Back: 155.7300

Conservation Department VHF Fall back: 151.1900

Highway Patrol Low Band Backup Dispatch: 42.0000

Highway Patrol Low Band Backup Dispatch: 42.0200

Highway Patrol Low Band Backup Dispatch: 42.8600

Highway Patrol Low Band Backup Dispatch: 42.9200

Highway Patrol Low Band Backup Dispatch: 42.9400

Highway Patrol Low Band Backup Dispatch: 44.8600

Highway Patrol Low Band Backup Dispatch: 45.0600

Highway Patrol VHF Backup Dispatch: 155.4825

Highway Patrol VHF Backup Dispatch: 154.9200

Highway Patrol VHF Backup Dispatch: 148.6000

Highway Patrol VHF Backup Dispatch: 148.7000

Highway Patrol VHF Backup Dispatch: 148.8000

Highway Patrol VHF Backup Dispatch: 154.9050

Highway Patrol UHF Backup Dispatch: 465.4375

Fire Mutual Aid: 154.2800 (Statewide Fire Ops.)

State Police Troop G VHF Fall Back: 154.6800

State Police Troop E UHF Fall Back: 460.2500 (Relay located near Doniphan,MO)

Missouri Statewide Wireless Interoperable Network (MOSWIN) All Analog Backup & Fall Back Frequencies are being monitored.


Technical Specifications: Feed being broadcast using the following equipment: Acer TravelMate 2304 with Windows 7, Whistler WS1010 400 channel Analog Scanner, and a Multi-Band scanner antenna mounted 40ft, Internet connection is Viasat satellite internet, all equipment is now connected to backup power supply in case of power outages.


Special Note: I have recently added backup power supply for my feed in the event of a power outage.

Phase two of my intended upgrades is complete, 40ft tower is up Multi-Band antenna is up, I plan on replacing my old laptop and my analog scanner with a digital scanner so I can monitor all the digital traffic in the area, please be patient with me as this is an expensive endevor and will take some time to complete.  Note that any addition of frequencies and or changes will need to be approved by broadcastify support team before I officially add them to my feed as I don't wish to violate the terms of service and have my feed taken down, thanks for your support and understanding while I get everything sorted out.