West Springfield Police and Fire
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Hampden County, Massachusetts

West Springfield Massachusetts  (Hampden County)

Wiki Page - Town Website - Scanner Frequencies

Police Dispatch - Ch 1 - 852.78750MHz - Analog - Priority
Fire Dispatch - Ch 2  - 851.47500MHz - Analog

WSPD Service Call Log

Note About Feed: If the feed is "online" and you are not hearing anything, it's most likely there is no radio communication taking place. Police radio traffic will take priority over fire radio traffic if both are transmitting at the same time. If the feed is "offline" unless otherwise noted, its due to a loss of internet connection at the feeder and should be back after 15min. Chances of loss increases with windy conditions. 

Uniden BC780XLT Scanner, Raspberry Pi 3, USB Sound Card, Audio Patch Cord, Darkice Software

Future Plans: Display alpha tags from BC780XLT. That way users will know exactly who is transmitting. If accomplished, we will add more frequencies for other West Springfied related devices (Big E, CSX?).