Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Washtenaw County Police/Fi...
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Metro Dispatch: Law Enforcement Talkgroups

  • East  Zone: 9-1-1 Dispatch 
  • West  Zone: 9-1-1 Dispatch 
  • Ann Arbor Dispatch [Alternate]
  • East Zone: Alternate Dispatch
  • West Zone: Alternate Dispatch 

Law Enforcement Talkgroups

  • Chelsea Police: Dispatch 
  • Milan Police: Dispatch
  • Pittsfield Twp. Police: Dispatch 
  • Saline Police: Dispatch
  • Northfield Twp. Police: Dispatch
  • U of M Police
  • EMU Police

 Fire-Rescue Talkgroups

  • Ann Arbor City: Dispatch 
  • Superior Twp./Ypsilanti City and Township: Dispatch 
  • Paid On Call Departments: Dispatch
  • Pittsfield Twp: Dispatch 
  • Chelsea Area Fire Authority: Base 6 Dispatch
  • Milan Area Fire: Dispatch
  • All county fire interop tg's, aka "on-scene" comms