Sydney Area Amateur Repeaters
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This is the Amateur Radio Station VK2FLY. Located in Sydney's Kings Cross. The Station is capable of transmission on bands from 40m to 23cm All bands are monitored as well as P25 DMR, DSTAR and C4FM

VK2FLY Monitors The Following FM Frequencies  will be monitored during nets at other times on scan or Specific HF,VHF or UHF Frequencies in or around Sydney.

438.1125 VK2RBV Sydney  (Monday Net  8PM)

438.350  VK2RHT Chatswood

438.650  VK2RFG  Gregory Hills  (Thursday Net 7.30PM )

147.000  VK2RWI   Dural

146.800  VK2RLE   Engadine

146.850 VK2RMP Maddens Planes

146.725 VK2RAG  Somersby

147.025 VK2ROT  Paddington

438.575 VK2ROT Paddington

147.050 VK2RBM Blue Mountains

The VKDMR Network Talk Group 505 TS2 (and others from time to time)  VKDMR Net Tuesday Night's 

10M General Use Frequency 28.490Mhz  VK2RWI 6m and VK2RWC 23cm from time to time