Sevier County Fire and EMS Dispatch, Seymour Fire
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The County Fire and EMS is on a trunked system, and the feed is one way dispatch only. And it is quite far from my antenna. This feed is mainly for Seymour Fire Dept

Sevier County EMS Dispatch (462.9500) -- Sometimes you can not hear the ambulance reply due to distance from my station. Also sometimes the dispatcher volume is quite low, seems to depend on the dispatcher...

 Seymour Fire Dept (154.3100) -- Dispatched by three different counties (Sevier, Knox, Blount) but reside mainly in Sevier County. I have not added tac channels as of yet because if they are too far from my station, the audio is scratchy. The main frequency here is the main dispatch and response and has a good clear signal.

Sevier FD Paging (454.1000) -- Sevier County fire paging, this is an "all call" type of channel. They dispatch Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg, along with some smaller departments. Half the county is on different types of systems, so you only hear the page out on this channel, no responses from the departments.