Clinch Valley Railroads
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NS Clinch Valley District, Appalachia District, Bristol Line and branches, plus CSX Kingsport & Cumberland Valley Subdivisions

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Lines of Coverage

NS Clinch Valley District - Norton to Richlands, VA
NS Clinch Valley Extension - Andover to Tacoma, VA
NS Appalachia District - Big Stone Gap, VA to Bulls Gap, TN
NS Bristol Line - Bristol VA to Bulls Gap, TN
CSX Kingsport Subdivision - Haysi, VA to Erwin, TN
CSX Cumberland Valley Subdivision - Big Stone Gap to Smiley, VA


Frequencies Monitored
AAR 030: Bristol Line, Appalachia District, River Line, East Tennessee Dispatcher Ch 1
AAR 062: NS East Tennessee Dispatcher Ch 2
AAR 066: CSX Kingsport Subdivision Road
AAR 084: CSX CV Subdivision Road
AAR 092: NS Clinch Valley Dispatcher/Clinch Valley Road
AAR 094: CSX FG (KP) & LE (CV) Dispatcher

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