CP, CN, UP Rail - Rondout Area
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Broadcast of 18 rail channels from Libertyville, IL, (near Rondout Tower). CP, METRA, CN (Wisc Central and EJ&E), UP, and WSOR.

(((STEREO FEED))) Broadcast of 19 rail channels from Libertyville, IL, near Rondout Tower.

Includes CP, METRA, UP, CN (EJ&E and Wisc Central), and WSOR.

Left Speaker: scans 3 channels used by CP Rail on the C&M subdivision and by METRA on the MILW District North Line (including the "J" Line to Fox Lake):

    160.770 AAR 44 METRA MILW-North Line: Chicago > Rondout > Fox Lake AND C&M Sub west (compass north) of Rondout.

    161.085 AAR 65 CP

    161.370 AAR 84 CP

Right Speaker: Scans 19 channels listed below.

    160.770 AAR 44 CP & Metra on the C&M and Fox Lake subdivisions (the Metra Milwaukee-North Line)

    160.725 AAR 41 UP at Proviso yard

    161.520 AAR 94 CP & Metra Elgin Sub (the Metra Milwaukee-West Line)

    161.370 AAR 84 Licensed to CP (used in Wisconsin)

    160.740 AAR 42 UP Maintenance of Way & Amtrak

    160.485 AAR 25 UP Milwaukee Sub (the freight line)

    161.040 AAR 62 UP Kenosha Sub (the Metra UP-North Line)

    161.310 AAR 80 UP Harvard / McHenry Subs (the Metra UP-Northwest Line)

    160.455 AAR 23 UP Proviso Diesel Shop?

    160.575 AAR 31 UP at Proviso & WSOR

    161.175 AAR 71 UP at Proviso

    160.890 AAR 52 UP Geneva Sub (Metra UP-West Line)

    161.475 AAR 91 CN DISP Leithton & Waukegan Subs (ex-EJ&E)

    160.920 AAR 54 CN Waukesha Sub.ROAD channel

    160.785 AAR 45 CN

    161.295 AAR 79 CN DISP Waukesha sub (Metra North Central Line)

    160.260 AAR 10 CN yards

    160.755 AAR 43 CN yards

    160.920 AAR 54 CN ROAD Channel