Warren and Knox Counties Sheriff, Illinois State Police
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Includes Warren County, Knox County, ISP District 14, Idot District 4, IESMA, MABAS and ITTF talkgroups being broadcast on Starcom 21.

This feed listens to Starcom 21 from the Monmouth tower on 852.825 Mhz
This feed includes:
Illinois State Police District 14 - Dispatch A (Talkgroup 13022) Dispatch B (Talkgroup 13023) IREACH patch (Talkgroup 13030) and ISPERN patch (Talkgroup 13036)
Illinois State Police District 7 - Dispatch A (Talkgroup 9032) IREACH Patch (Talkgroup 9045) and ISPERN patch (Talkgroup 9053)
Illinois Department Of Transportation District 4 Monmouth, Aledo and Biggsville Yards - Talkgroup 5659
Illinois Task Force-  Region 2A (Talkgroup 30303) and Region 2B (Talkgroup 30304)
Illinois Emergency Services Management Assistance-  Statewide (Talkgroup 30328)
Mutual Aid Box Alarm System - Division 15 Hazmat (Talkgroup 2968) and Water Rescue (Talkgroup 2970)
Warren County Sheriff's Office - Dispatch (Talkgroup 5576)
Knox County Sheriff's Office - Dispatch (Talkgroup 1926)