Des Moines Area Amateur Repeaters
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KD0WPK 29.67000 Des Moines, Ia

N0INX 53.25000 Grimes, Ia

N0INX 146.61000 Grimes, Ia

KC0MTI 146.70000 Johnston, Ia

N0INX 224.54000 Grimes, Ia

WD0FIA 224.98000 Grimes, Ia

KC0MTI 442.80000 Johnston, Ia

N0INX 443.40000 Grimes, Ia

N0INX 927.02500 Grimes, Ia

KB0SL 927.90000 West Des Moines, Ia

KD0NEB 444.37500 Perry, Ia

KD0NEB 145.19000 Perry, Ia