Madison County Fire and EMS, Richmond and Berea Fire Departments

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 System information for the Madison County system:

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Current set up for the feed is 2 RTL-SDR dongles running SDRTrunk and streaming it to Broadcastify via Scanner Cast. If you have any issues or concerns please feel free to report a problem and I can do my best to fix an issue the feed is having. Your feedback is very important to provide the best quality feed I can provide.

Madison County 10 Codes and Signals 

Talkgroups being Scanned

Fire & Rescue

5551 Madison County Fire Department Dispatch Secondary

8201 Richmond Fire Department Dispatch Secondary/Fireground 1

6951 Berea Fire Department Dispatch

5561-5568 Madison County Fire Grounds 1-7

8211-8214 Richmond Fire Department Fireground 2-5

65052 Madison County Fire Tone out (Used for dispatching calls)

65048 Richmond Fire Department Tone out  (Used for dispatching calls)

65053 Berea Fire Department Tone out (Rarely Used)

5615-5617 Madison County Rescue Squad Operations 1-3

7001 Berea Rescue Main Channel (Dispatch)

7002 Berea Rescue Tone out Monitor



5601 Madison County EMS 1 (Main Dispatch)

5603 Madison County EMS 3 (Alternate Dispatch Rarely Used)

5604 Madison County EMS 4 (Alternate Dispatch Rarely Used)

5605 Madison County EMS 5 (Alternate Dispatch Rarely Used)


City Events

8801 Richmond City Event 

7501 Berea City Event


Eastern Kentucky University

8308 Eastern Kentucky University Parking Enforcement (Partial Encryption, moslty dispatch)

8321 Eastern Kentukcy University Event 1

8322 Eastern Kentucky University Event 2



5101 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 1

5102 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 2

5111 Chemical Stockpile Emergency Prepairness Program (CSEPP) Emergency 

5112 Chemical Stockpile Emergency Prepairness Program (CSEPP) Event

5113-5124 EOC Command/Operations/ Logistics (Used for traffic checkpoints and other operations)