Madison County Fire and EMS, Richmond and Berea Fire Departments

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Includes Berea College Security and Eastern Kentucky University Events / Parking and Richmond PD

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8151 Richmond Police Dispatch (Talkgroup has Partial Encyption)

7451 Berea College Security Dispatch

5501 Madison County Sheriff (Talkgroup has Partial Encryption)


5551 Madison County Fire Department Dispatch

5561-5568 Madison County Fire Grounds 1-7

65052 Madison County Fire Tone out (Only has been heard once)

56015 Madison County Rescue Squad Main OPS

5601 Madison County EMS 1 (Dispatch)

8201 Richmond Fire Department Dispatch

65048 Richmond Fire Department Tone out (Only has been heard once)

6951 Berea Fire Department Dispatch

65053 Berea Fire Department Tone out (Only has been heard once)

7001 Berea Rescue Main Channel 

City Events

8801 Richmond City Event 

7501 Berea City Event

8308 Eastern Kentucky University Parking Enforcement

8321 Eastern Kentukcy University Event 1

8322 Eastern Kentucky University Event 2


5101 EOC 1

5102 EOC 2

5111 CSEPP Emergency 

5113- 5115 CSEPP Command

5116-5119 CSEEP Operations