Clifton and Passaic Emergency Management

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OEM Operations, CERT and Special Events for both Clifton and Passaic (This feed normally has little to no activity, unless or until a special event / incident takes place.)

Covering Emergency Management Communications UHF / VHF  channels for the cities of Clifton and Passaic NJ.

Emergency Ops, Interops, Incidents,  Special Events and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) operations.

Note: This feed is generaly quiet with little or no radio traffic unless/until there is a Special Event, Incident, Interops or other activity requiring Emergency Management and or CERT team activation and response. (It's not a problem with the feed).


Clifton OEM UHF 1 Primary. 453.7375. 

Clifton OEM UHF 2 Secondary 464.5500 *

Clifton OEM VHF 151.0100 

Passaic OEM UHF Primary 464.5500  *

Clifton/Passaic OEM Interops 464.5500 *

Mobile Repeater 464.5500 * or 464.5000 

* Same freqency, not CSQ but different PL/DPLs being monitored for stated agency.

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