Ray and Lafayette Counties Public Safety
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expect off and on until my 1gig internet gets here two scanners on one feed internet should be fixed I hacked pdanet for free tethering on my phone got free activation until 1gig cable is here up and running now done proggramming

Lafayette county ,ray county all police and fire

Ray county sherrif 159.255

Ray county sherrif. 154.845
Richmond police.    155.580
Ray county ambulance  155.1525
Ray county fire. 154.235
Lafayette county sherrif 155.640
Lafeyette county wide  155.955
Lafayette old county 155.490
Lexington police.   159.330
Lexington fire&ems. 154.3925
Higginsville police.  158.790
missouri troop a highway patrol 
Lafayette county sherrif digital