NS Buffalo Line South

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AAR Channel 50/50 (160.860MHz) Cannon to Boyles

The Buffalo Line is a railroad line owned by the Norfolk Southern Railway in the U.S. states of New York and Pennsylvania. The line runs from Buffalo, New York southeast to Rockville, Pennsylvania near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania along a former Pennsylvania Railroad line. Its north end is at Seneca Yard in Buffalo, with no direct access to the Lake Erie district, and its south end is at the Pittsburgh Line at Rockville. The line is operated by the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad between Buffalo and Machias, New York, the Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad between Machias and Driftwood, Pennsylvania, and the Norfolk Southern Railway between Driftwood and Rockville. This feed will monitor the southern end of the line on the primary road channel AAR 50/50, 160.860 MHz, from a mountaintop site in Franklin County at 2475' AMSL. It covers from Rockville north to around Boyles.