Washington State Patrol District 7, Snohomish County...
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Police: West Snohomish County Area State Patrol, Mt. Vernon Area State Patrol, North Snohomish County Sheriff, Stanwood PD, Arlington PD. Fire: Stanwood/North County Fire/EMS, Arlington Fire, Oso Fire, Marysville Fire.

I am using a Uniden bcd436hp and a HP computer to broadcast this station.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/tvtubescanner/home


The channels the are being broadcasted from state Patrol are Dispatch Mt. Vernon(155.655 Mhz(P25 Digital)) and Dispatch West Snohomish(155.505 Mhz(P25 Digital)).

The channels that are being broadcasted from SoCo911 800Mhz trunked radio system are Fire Dispatch 3 North, Fire Tac 5 North, Fire Tac 6 North secondary, Snohomish County Sheriff North Dispatch.

Also Broadcasting Airlift NW out of Arlington, WA(155.295 Mhz(P25 Digital)).