Dodge County Public Safety
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I would be using a bcd996xt and listening to 
Dodge Fire Paging 154.4450 
        Pages out 25 fire and EMS agencies in the county.
Dodge Fire 1   154.325
        Is the main fire ground channel that is on a repeater for the county.
Mabas Fire Red 153.830
        A local tac channel for fire ground operations which isn't on a repeater. 
Mabas IFERN 154.2650
       A staging and notification channel for other counties and depts to communicate on for larger incidents.
Beaver Dam Police 154.725
      A local police dept that does all their day to day policing on this channel
Dodge Law 1 155.745
      A police channel utilized by multiple small dept to communicate with county disptach.
Dodge Law 3 154.785
       A police channel that county deputies use to communicate with dispatch on.