Alleghany County Fire and Rescue
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This feed monitors the Alleghany County Dispatch Center for the East End of the County. Agencies heard on this feed are as follows: Alleghany County Sheriffs Office - 1100 Units Clifton Forge Police Department - 1300 Units Clifton Forge Fire Department - Company 2 Clifton Forge Rescue Squad - Rescue 1 Sharon Volunteer Fire and Rescue - Company 8 Iron Gate Fire and Rescue - Company 1 Selma Fire Department - Company 9 Frequencies heard from the Warm Springs Mountain Tower Site. 39.50mhz. - Fire and Rescue Low Band for Paging 857.2125mhz. - Fire and Rescue Dispatch and Operations 453.975mhz. - Law Enforcement Dispatch There are approximately 12,926 people, 5,149 households, and 3,866 families residing in the county. Included in this county is the City of Covington, Town of Clifton Forge and Town of Iron Gate. Running from one end of the county to the other is Interstate I-64, coving 40 miles from end to end.