Mercer County Fire / EMS, Trumbull and Mahoning Coun...
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{{{Stereo Feed}}} See the info section for details. Providing both Digital & Analog Frequencies to the Tri-County Area of NE OH & W PA

This feed is streamed from two scanners as follows in Stereo (L) & (R):

The (L) side includes: [Uniden BCT15X]

Mercer County, PA Fire & EMS:

Mercer County Fire North Tower Fire Ops 453.0750 MHz
Mercer County Fire Dispatch Shenango Valley 453.9750 MHz
Mercer County Fire East Tower Fire Ops 453.1750 MHz
Mercer County EMS 462.9750 MHz
Mercer County Life Force EMS Greenville Tower 461.9250 MHz
Mercer County Superior EMS 452.9750 MHz & 464.2000 MHz
Mercer County Elite EMS 464.9750 MHz
Mercer County Superior EMS Operations 451.8500 MHz

Also including Ohio Counties Trumbull & Mahoning Fire, EMS, & Police Dispatch:

462.9500 Mahoning Co EMS Main Dispatch
155.0400 Mahoning Co Fire
154.4300 Trumbull Co Liberty Fire
155.0400 Trumbull Co Hubbard Fire
151.1450 Trumbull Co PD1 East
155.4525 Trumbull Co PD1
155.8950 Trumbull Co Weathersfield PD
154.7400 Trumbull Co Hubbard PD

+ Some additional PD, Fire, and EMS in Above Counties

The (R) side includes: [Uniden SDS200]

Mercer County - Sharon PD on NXDN digital 453.3625

Mercer County - Shenango Valley Fire Ch. 8 NXDN digital 453.1250

Ohio MARCS-IP OSP digital 773.4062 MHz TGs: 51578,51709,59839,51590,51740 and other Ohio State Police nearby communications.

Some other digital trunking Police, EMS, and Fire in the Tri-County Area of PA: Mercer Co. & OH: Trumbull, Mahoning Co.s

Note: If you desire listening to just one or the other scanners above and have the ability on your device, simply tune the volume to (Left) or (Right) in relation to the above desired channels/feed. Otherwise, you may hear some overlap during high traffic/transmission times.