Kansas City Wires-X Room 28952 Linked Repeater System

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This feed monitors a linked network of 9 Yaesu System Fusion repeaters around the Kansas City Metro area. Served counties include Johnson(KS), Wyandotte(KS), Miami(KS), Leavenworth(KS), Jackson(MO), Cass(MO), and Clay(MO).

The Kansas City Room (Wires-X room 28952) links 9 VHF/UHF repeaters located in the Kansas City Metro area. Callsigns include KØHCV, KØHAM, W0ERH, KUØS, NØWW, NJØP, and others. Counties covered include Johnson(KS), Miami(KS), Wyandotte(KS), Leavenworth(KS), Jackson(MO), Cass(MO), Platte(MO), Clay(MO).

Jackson (Missouri), Cass (Missouri), Leavenworth (Kansas), Wyandotte (Kansas), Miami (Kansas), Clay (Missouri), all in addition to Johnson (Kansas).